FLAMINGOS (working title)

Just off the northern edge of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, broad extensions of shallow water form an estuary divides land from sea. Once a year it transforms from an inhospitable expanse to serve as the gathering place for one of North America’s great living spectacles.

Flamingos, is a feature film that follows the difficult life of the American Flamingos in one of the most delicate periods of their existence, a three year production following the journey of Mexico's most iconic bird.

Finding the right mate, the right place and the right time to create a family is the most critical quest in nature.
The outcome is a matter of existence.

A miraculous life-story of risk, love and resilience.


Director: Lorenzo Hagerman
Producer: José Cohen
Production Co: cactus Film & Video / La Vaca Independiente / Lab
Country: México
Year: 2018
Language: inglés
Subtitles: español

Rating: a
Genre: Documental
Runtime: 90min
Formats: DCP / Blu-Ray / DVD