Still Here

Director: Lorenzo Hagerman
Producer: José Cohen
Production Co: Cactus Film & Video
Country: Mexico, España, Italia, Costa Rica, Japón y Cana
Year: 2016
Language: Spanish, English, Japanese, Italian, French.
Subtitles: English, Spanish

Distribution: Artegios
Rating: A
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 87 min.
Formats: DCP / Blu-Ray / DVD
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On an intimate journey around the world, we discover what existence looks like from the perspective of those who have had more than ninety years of life. These stories of ordinary people who for almost a century have loved, laughed, sung and suffered, together make a symphony to life. With determination and humility, they declare to themselves and to the world, I am still here.

The elderly population of the world is growing significantly. But it is not only important to understand the social impact that this brings. What is less often noted is the relevance and value that their experience can bring to us as individuals and to humanity as a whole.



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