About us

Cactus Film and Video was founded in 1996 and since then we have provided production services and produced our own independent films.

Our Production Services range from TV news reports for the leading international broadcasters, to independent documentary feature films and commissioned TV documentaries. We have the technical equipment and experienced teams to meet all these production challenges and have worked with the best broadcasters around the world.

Cactus Documentaries has focused on relevant social and environmental issues with a view to raising consciousness and encouraging change for the better. Our in-house independent productions have received the highest national and international recognition and prizes around the world.

Cactus is located in the heart of Mexico City. The office is highly equipped to host international news organizations and productions.  We have E/S optic fiber, satellite signal routing, high tech cameras, audio and lighting equipment, and a library of archive footage. Our production experience and knowledge of the region are a valuable resource for any foreign production wishing to get the best out of their shoot.

We'll ensure you get the best stories, access and colour from the region.